For the first time, Supercilium has launched a line of four self-care consumer products, developed to sculpt, lift and shape the brow from the inside out.

Browgasm combines the benefits of restoring oils and the cleansing power of amethyst to naturally contour and relieve built up stress in the brow area, resulting in a brow climax. Using Gua Sha techniques with the Browgasm stone, beauty lovers can learn how to release the tension in facial muscles with visible results.

Manouk de Vries, founder of Supercilium, commented: “We named this product line Browgasm to give a playful wink to one of the best feelings in the world! Being an eyebrow brand, this was a bold step for us, but I felt that the beauty benefits and the instant rejuvenation you feel from browgasm was something we needed to incorporate into our brand. Consumers can benefit from these products every day to renew, reawaken, and provide healthy, glowing, radiant skin and wellbeing.”

Browgasm consists of four consumer product including the Browgasm Gua Sha stone, Face Climax Massage Oil, Seal the Deal Finishing Spray and From Nada to Ta-Da Brow Growth Serum.