This spring/summer, a more minimalistic lifestyle continues to be en vogue as we see a stripped-back approach to hair and fashion; there is a renewed movement towards muted, cool colours with neutral tonal reflections inspired by the landscape.

Continuing to support hairdressers worldwide with ‘leading on trend innovations’, Schwarzkopf Professional has further expanded the Igora portfolio with a brand-new colour palette for 2020, developed specifically for lighter bases: Igora Muted Desert.

Igora Muted Desert shades:

Building on the success of Schwarzkopf Professional’s first dual application colour collection – Igora Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar (developed for darker bases) – the Igora Muted Desert shades are available in both Igora’s permanent (Igora Royal) and semi-permanent (Igora Vibrance) colouration lines; answering the need for salon services offering muted, neutral, cool and calming tones for lighter hair.

Inspired by the chalky and calm landscapes of the desert – and its bare, sandy surroundings – Igora Muted Desert offers a colour palette containing four cool and neutral shades on level 7-9 with elegant cool beiges with hues of ash and soft ashy nuances  with hints of beige and a powdery finish. The new shades offer neutral hair tones as they have been specifically developed by Schwarzkopf Professional to slightly counteract unwanted yellow undertones during the processing time; providing the most neutral and cool beige colour result.

Thanks to Igora Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar being available within both assortments, working with the dual application method using the same shades has never been easier! Hairdressers can easily use the matching Igora Vibrance shades to refresh the lengths and ends of an Igora Royal service, where permanent colour is only required on re-growth areas.

#Muting is a modern and simple technique that adds light and shade using various colours. The first shade is applied underneath and around the hairline, the second shade is blended through the mid-lengths, before a third shade is added to the ends. The results are alluring as they transition from subtle to strong, dark to light and sheer to deep.