Salon System, the professional beauty specialist, has launched the RefectoCil Eyelash Lift Kit – which offers “longer, fuller and nourished lashes in just 13 minutes”.

The RefectoCil Eyelash Lift Kit has been created using a lash perm formula with collagen to help moisturise lashes and Cysteine to help protect and strengthen. The lashes will appear longer and thicker, with the effect lasting for up to six weeks.

Within the kit there is 36 applications, with the lifting pads especially designed for RefectoCil in three sizes, giving a perfect fit on the eyelid and a great base for applying the lash tint directly on the pads. The application time for the lash perm is eight minutes and five minutes for the neutraliser.


2x Eyelash Lifting Pads S, M, L

2 x tubes Eyelash Curl & Lift Perm 3.5 ml

2 x tubes Neutralizer 3.5 ml

1 x Eyelash Curl & Lift Bottle Glue 4 ml

1 x Rosewood Stick

2 x Mini-cosmetic Dishes

2 x Cosmetic Brushes

Ruth Atkins, Salon System educator and lash expert, commented: “I’m a big fan of the RefectoCil brand already and use their range of tints, so when I heard they were launching a new speedy treatment, the RefectoCil Eyelash Lift Kit, I was very keen to try it. The super flexible silicone shields are so soft and pliable they sit perfectly on the lid without having to cut to size. Sized small, medium and large and reusable.

“The tubes of lifting and fixing lotion are easy to use, just pinch and place enough product on the lash line. Great idea and hygienic! The most impressive thing though about this system for me, is the 8-minute maximum treatment time for step one and five-minute maximum treatment time on step two, making this one of the quickest systems on the market.

“This really cuts each appointment time down by a good 10 minutes. Neatly wrapped up in a zipped kit for on the go therapists and includes application brushes and dishes. Fabulous results every time and lasts six weeks.”