Assistants from the Rainbow Room International Academy gathered to celebrate a year of hard work, achievements and Rainbow Room International’s 40th anniversary for its Assistant’s Show.

The SWG3 warehouse in Glasgow hosted the event, which saw months of hard work pay off for the assistants from Scotland’s salon group.

The assistants from each individual academy group were responsible for putting together a show that would wow the audience. From the lighting and music to the models, styling, makeup and of course the hair, the assistants took full responsibility when it came to showcasing their collections and representing each group.

The event was compared by John-Paul Parker, director of Rainbow Room International’s Great Western Road salon and David Nicholson, director of Rainbow Room International’s Royal Exchange Square salon.

Nicholson commented: “It is our job as leaders to inspire and help the assistants as they are our future. It’s our 40th anniversary and it goes to show the support we all get from each other when you’re in a creative industry, it’s easy to get caught up in wearing the right stuff and keeping ‘on trend’ but it all comes down to creativity and having fun.

“What we do as a company is continually educate, it doesn’t matter your level we push each other and constantly improve. We’ve always been an education company from the original days and had over 700 students who have passed through our doors and gone on to have some amazing careers.”

The show featured a variety of inspirations from a celebration of embracing your sexuality, recycled items, to current trends and festival inspired collections. The collections showcased the upcoming trends for the season ahead, with cuts, colours and styling showcasing the creative talents of the Rainbow Room International Assistants.

Founder of Rainbow Room International, Alan Stewart, was delighted with the event and added: “The assistants have worked so hard to produce a show of this caliber and we are so proud of what they have achieved tonight. It gives the directors and myself so much confidence for the future that we have so much emerging talent within Rainbow Room International.”