Pure Massage Spa Training Method has introduced a series of education programmes specifically for trainers.

The series includes four distinct options for businesses, from international spa and hotel groups to product houses. The four options include:

Method – This is an intensive training programme covering 16 days where the trainers will learn how to design an optimum massage, but also how to teach the therapists how to deliver treatments that are beneficial for themselves and the client. The programme combines coaching, emotional intelligence and self-care. It will include the three following Pure Massage treatments: back and body, face massage, and pregnancy and features personal development plans, wellness guidance follow-up and post-training support.

Advanced Training – This focusses on back and body massage over 10 intensive days of training. Participants learn how to heighten quality in massages, from a deep tissue massage to a deep relaxing massage. This also includes personal development plans, wellness guidance follow up and post training support.

The Knowledge – This three-day intensive course responds to all concerns relating to mental, physical and emotional self-care, postural awareness, effective communication, consistency in massage, prevention of burn out and injuries, especially RSI. It also answers fundamental questions a trainer might encounter on a daily basis. Participants will develop skills around self-care, communication, feedback and teaching. This course also includes a personal development plan for each trainer, wellness guidance and certification.

The Basics – Designed to address the pressing concerns faced by therapists today, this 4-hour workshop is designed to boost confidence and commitment, focussing on the essentials of how to stay motivated and healthy, plus some time addressing teaching and what is perceived by therapists. Wellness guidance is included in this.