Fellowship Chairperson Simon Shaw shared his presentation skills with the PROJECT: Colour Team ahead of their 2020 show schedule.

Confidence and clarity in presentation are essential skills for any hairdresser, particularly those looking to make a mark in platform work. For Project: Colour, there was an opportunity to learn from the best as they spent a day with Fellowship Chairperson, and special guest mentor, Simon Shaw.

Ahead of their day, the team were tasked with preparing a mood board on a subject of their choice – from hobbies to hair. They were also asked to bring an item that inspires them, and to learn the lyrics to a song or poem. All of these were used as starting points by Simon to showcase a series of presentation techniques, pushing the team out of their comfort zone while also providing them with the confidence and technical tips to build on their existing work.

“The day was absolutely incredible,” says team member Darrel Starkey. “Simon really wants you to succeed and gives you all of the tools needed to be the best you can be. The day has brought the group much closer, and really helped us to bond together. I’ll be using my new skill set in consultations from now on, including slowing down my speaking so what I say can be understood by the clients more and allow them to take in information more freely.”