SalonLite, Premier Software’s cloud-based scheduling solution, has introduced a new SMS marketing feature.

SMS marketing has been added to all of SalonLite’s packages, including SalonLite Basic. This is one of several features the software offers, along with scheduling, point of sale, email and stock management – the new addition of SMS marketing provides instant contact with clients. Users can simply select from one of the pre-made templates available, decide who they would like to contact using the selection criteria and click send.

Whether they want to send personalised happy birthday offers, promote last-minute availability or launch seasonal treatments, SalonLite’s marketing feature ensures salons don’t lose touch.

Leonie Wileman, chief operations officer at Premier Software, commented: “This new feature has been highly anticipated by current users who enjoy using the current built-in email and SMS capabilities to send appointment reminders. Marketing is an incredibly important tool for any successful salon. It helps to reduce no shows while keeping existing, lapsed and prospective clients informed, leading to growth in revenue.

“We hope that as users begin to discover this new feature, they will reap the benefits of their increased contact with clients.”

There are six templates available for users to choose from: birthday, anniversary, thank you, missing you, last-minute availability and new treatment.