Phorest Salon Software has joined the Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral 2020 campaign.

Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral 2020 is the latest campaign launched by Forestry Partners and is the largest private sector initiative designed to bring together Irish companies to combat climate change and restore the Irish woodlands. The new Dublin based social enterprise has launched with more than 30 Irish companies which have already committed to the initiative, including Phorest Salon Software.

Ronan Perceval, Phorest’s CEO and co-founder, commented: “We were excited by the Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral idea as soon as we heard about it, and signed up immediately. The team in Phorest is really passionate about the environment and this scheme offered such a straightforward way for our company to have a positive, meaningful impact on climate change, much more so than if we just worked on a project independently ourselves. We’re delighted to support it.”

The aim of the initiative is to create at least 25,000 tons of CO2 equivalent offsets and achieve 200 acres of planted or committed trees. With access to an online tool, the Irish companies will be able to track and easily understand the emissions they are responsible for.