On January 5 & 6, Phorest Salon Software brought in the new year by hosting its 6th annual Salon Owners Summit in Dublin, Ireland.

Positioned as one of Europe’s leading hair and beauty business events, this year’s event attracted an international audience of over 500 salon and spa owners from across the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia and Germany. The summit is designed as an educational platform, aiming to offer salon owners the latest insights and tools to help salons reach their maximum potential. This year’s theme? Create a 2020 vision for your salon.

The two day programme kicked off with Inside Phorest, the latest addition to the summit, held at The Morrison Hotel, Dublin on Sunday 5th January. Inside Phorest – The Future of Technology for the Salon Industry, looked at all things tech and gave attendees the opportunity to get the latest insights from the Product and Development team and got a glimpse into where Phorest will take them throughout 2020. The day also included a special guest speaker from Instagram’s European Headquarters and a live podcast recording of Phorest FM. The day concluded with the official Salon Owners Summit pre-party, giving guests the chance to network ahead of the Summit itself.

Following Inside Phorest, The Salon Owners Summit kicked off in full swing on Monday 6th January at the Convention Centre Dublin – a world class venue in the heart of the city. The day saw an incredible line-up of 10 guest speakers who shared a wealth of knowledge and experience from both the hair and beauty industry.

In his opening words, CEO of Phorest Ronan Perceval drew on a few examples of how technology has transformed the way we work in the Hair and Beauty industry in the past decade – things like online bookings, apps and social media. He went on to share the important competitive edge the salon industry has in this technology dependent age.

Perceval said: “Some things have not changed. Salons and spas are one of the very few spaces that still provide that personal connection. Your profession is unique in that people will let you, a stranger, into their personal space, in some cases you are considered a close friend as opposed to somebody who provides a service. With technology seeping ever more into our lives – this rare personal connection becomes even more important and we as an industry need to understand how to leverage this when looking forward to the next decade.

“This personal touch for example should be used to create highly successful and effective marketing campaigns which will in turn help you guys get more clients into the salon more often. So although technology is undoubtedly important, you, the marketeers, relationship builders, style icons, are what will drive the success of the business, the technology we provide is merely a tool to help you succeed.”