To coincide with the launch of his new collection for 2020, The House of Luxury, Patrick Cameron has revealed his new merchandise, The House of Luxury DVD and USB alongside two hair slides.

An international educator, Cameron has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 35 years, beginning his career in New Zealand before partnering with Wella Professionals to deliver long hair techniques and educational courses around the world.

Cameron commented: “I have always been passionate about education, it’s the foundation of our craft and keeps our industry evolving. When you learn a new technique, you learn something that can be forever kept; there will always be a point in one’s career when we can draw from that technique. The more you learn and the more you challenge yourself. This is the key to a long and successful career.”

With this in mind, Cameron has produced a DVD and USB featuring 15 step-by-step hairstyles from his new collection, The House of Luxury. The step-by-step looks will also be available from as part of the online streaming programme. The House of Luxury features a selection of intricate braiding techniques, along with glamorous couture hair.

Cameron has also created two bespoke hair combs to help the hairdresser achieve the finished looks. The Gold Leaf Comb and The Gold/Silver Leaf Bar Comb are the perfect addition to any style and can “instantly add a touch of elegance to the finished look”.