After listening to customer demands and what they feel is missing in the marketplace, OSMO, the professional haircare specialist, has announced the launch of its Blonde Elevation range.

The Blonde Elevation range can create a bespoke blonde colour service for clients, regardless of their individual hair demands and needs. The colourist can create a quick solution, which is “perfect for saving time in busy salons”. Whether looking to create platinum blondes, multi-tonal blondes for lighter/dark tones, working with foils, freehand open-air techniques or balayage, the new range is “perfect for all blondes”.

The Blonde Elevation Freehand Clay Additive with Kaolin Clay has been formulated to “enable the hair to remain encapsulated and wet” through the lifting process, so it is “particularly ideal” for balayage enthusiasts. The new Blonde Elevation collection includes; Premium Violet Lightening Powder with Bond Builder, Freehand Clay Additive with Kaolin Clay, the Colour Additive Starter Kit and Colour Additives in blue, green, red and violet to help counteract brassy tones.

Lesley Stitt, OSMO global educator, explains: “Blonde Elevation is about creating bespoke blonde techniques for your client. The Colour Additives are cocktailed with your lightening powder and developer to help develop the tonal effect you want. The key feature of the Additives is that they contain highly concentrated pure pigment and are 100% vegan friendly. Basically, the purer the pigment, the better the result will be.”