The team at Monat, a multinational distributor and direct seller of premium vegan beauty haircare and skincare, showed their gratitude in a way they know best – dedicating time to make a difference to local communities.

A valued aspect of the Monat culture, Monat gratitude seeks to promote the values of giving back in not only the corporate offices, but in the Monat market partners all over the world. With the aim to generate a positive impact and inspire change in areas of education, children, and families, Monat collaborates with innovative non-profit organisations in its local communities and work with visionary organisations that are improving the world.

Monat Gratitude runs a range events across the year, with a big celebration of Gratitude at the end of the year for Gratitude Week in December. For Gratitude Week, last year in the UK, MONAT Market Partners volunteered their time to help support and raise awareness to several local charities, including The Toy Project in London. In this particular activation, MONAT volunteers and market partners helped refurbish toys and gift wrap them, ready to donate to children in need for the festive period.

Monat also took the initiative across waters following the brand expansion into Poland and Ireland. Monat market partners and guests attending the Cocktail launch parties collected and refurbished toys, ready to donate to local children’s charities. Similarly, they had an incredible result of over 400 toys donated.

Chloë Langer Recognition, social media and gratitude manager, commented: “At Monat we love the sense of community that the Gratitude scheme offers. We have Market Partners and volunteers offering their time and support and working together to help those in need. Although we are working on Gratitude all through the year, Gratitude Week in December really shines a light on all the hard work.”

Ros Simmons, Monat managing director UK and EU, commented: “We’re very proud of the culture of gratitude and giving back at Moant. In an effort to treat everyone like family, and help them discover beautiful lives inside and out, we share our time, our energy and our resources with our local communities and we love that our Market Partners are proactively supporting local charities.”