The skincare specialists at Sisters Beauty Lounge reveal why getting better skin is a lot easier to achieve than clients may think.

Have you gone through bottles of different potent acids, oils and retinols but they’re either having little or negative effects? Microdosing with your skincare may be the solution to irritated, unhappy skin. This latest trend isn’t over complicated or expensive – it’s literally as simple as using your skincare products in smaller quantities and building upwards; less is always more (except when it comes to SPF, of course!)

“It’s important to let your natural beauty and texture shine through, but sometimes we all need a little helping hand. Microdosing with skincare products involves using very small amounts of more potent solutions such as AHAs and Vitamin C as to not overwhelm the skin and still allow it to breathe. As your skin becomes more comfortable with the product being introduced, gradually increase the amount of solution you are using up to what is recommended for that particular product.”

Overuse of harsher products can result in flaking, dryness, irritation and breakouts. Microdosing helps to prevent this by slowly building up the skin’s tolerance to the product, allowing the ingredients to do the job they were made to do. It’s also important not to use too many products at once, as some solutions inhibit the effects of another. Typically, products should be applied fromĀ thinnest to thickestĀ in terms of each product’s texture. It’s best to leave heavy creams and oils until last.