Kent Brushes has partnered with Breast Cancer Haven and created a hairbrush that is perfect for people going through chemotherapy – the Special Edition Breast Cancer Haven PF06 brush.

The brush is made from beechwood and pure bristles and has the Breast Cancer Haven logo inscribed on the brush head. Priced at £10, £1 of every brush sold is donated to Breast Cancer Haven. Kent wanted to create a hairbrush that would help with retaining or re-growing hair for people undergoing or recovering from chemotherapy and to then sell the product to support a breast cancer charity.

After discovering Breast Cancer Haven and its free emotional, physical and practical breast cancer support services, a partnership with this charity seemed the perfect fit. The Special Edition Breast Cancer Haven brush was created using pure bristles because it is the gentlest way to brush hair, especially hair that is thinning, damaged or just starting to re-grow. It minimises any breakages and helps distribute the natural oil (sebum) from the root to the tip – thus conditioning hair without need for products.