Non-recyclable packaging, animal testing, ingredients that may tamper with marine life, the list goes on. Thankfully now there are a whole host of beauty brands that are more conscious of how their products are effecting the planet, and are working towards a more sustainable approach. From environmentally-friendly formulations, ethical production practices or packaging methods – we’ve round-up some of the newest products and brands working towards a greener future…  

Ethically sourced ingredients from Faace

NEW beauty brand Faace has proudly produced a range of face masks that are made in the UK, vegan, cruelty free and 100% plant powered using ethically sourced ingredients. The formulations are free from toxic synthetic chemicals, alcohol, SLS, petrochemicals, palm oil, parabens, colourants – basically none of the nasty stuff. The range includes Period faace, Sweaty faace and Tired faace – like a sheet mask, but without the sheet!

Switch from bottle to bar with Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature’s NEW Dragon Fruit Shampoo Bar could be the answer to better hair and more sustainable travel. The shift from bottle to bar seems a no brainer when faced with current statistics – approximately 13 billion plastic bottles including shampoo bottles are used annually in the UK, with only 7.5 billion being recycled… while the rest pollute our oceans or lead to a rise in CO2 emissions when incinerated or dumped in landfills? Better yet, Faith in Nature’s packaging is made of fully recycled and recyclable card. 

100% recycled plastic from Floris in its new hand duos

Floris’ NEW hand wash and lotion collection is working towards a more sustainable future and is pleased to announce that as part of the new packaging redesign their bottles are now made from 100% recycled plastic. 

The new Luxury Hand Wash and Lotion collection includes the addition of two new scents, ‘Rosa Centifolia’ and ‘Chypress’, to sit alongside the best-selling ‘Cerfiro’ fragrance. All products are also free from parabens and 100% vegan. 

Organic formulations from Tisserand Aromatherapy

Tisserand Aromatherapy has made sustainable choices with their packaging from day one. From recycled plastic to eco inks. The outer-packaging is 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, ensuring forests around the world are responsibly managed. The inks used on the cartons are derived from renewable resources such as corn and linseed and are mineral oil free, leaving zero hazardous waste. Their plastic bottles ae made from 100% recycled plastic – using the plastic already on the planet. Finally their labels are 100% recyclable, meaning you can recycle the whole packaging once you’re done!