A fundraising two and four-legged feat brought together two well-documented loves of Gary Hooker and Michael Young: hairdressing and hounds.

The sponsored walk was organised in their bid to raise money for charities supporting these two areas The Hair and Beauty Charity and the Dogs Trust. The pioneering pets and people walk attracted 310 legs (50 dogs and 55 owners) and was held at Exhibition Park Newcastle raising £1193. In a bid to raise extra funds the Hooker and Young team had organised printed t-shirts reflecting the Hair and Beauty Charity colours of purple and sported pictures of either a British Bulldog or Great Dane with quiffs.

Hooker commented: “The team and our amazing clients really entered into the spirit of the event, we had incredible support with the venue, we sold t shirts that we had designed to raise extra funds. The t shirts were made in colours of hair and beauty charity (purple) with two designs so people could choose either a logo of bulldog with a quiff or a great dane with a quiff.

“Our area manager and mascot for the day even dressed up in a doggy body suit!  It was great to do this, and we are going to make it an annual event for these two deserving charities that are close to our hearts.”

The Hair and Beauty Charity’s Sam Grocutt added: “We are so grateful to the Hooker and Young team for their incredible energy in putting this event together, it would be brilliant to see this become a national event as we know so many hairdressers are pet lovers too, so maybe this is the start of something big for Hair and Hounds. We will make every penny count of our share of this generous donation to improving lives of hairdressers and their families.”