Twenty-six of Europe’s most prestigious spa hotels have joined together under the new brand Ensana.

Derived from the Latin words for “health” and “healing”, the Ensana name itself reflects its primary objectives. The group, which has properties across Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia specialises in “fusing the healing power of local natural resources with expert medical knowledge”, to support the health and wellbeing of all its guests.

Ensana has been created in response to the huge growth in health and wellness tourism globally – a market worth €580 billion ($639 billion) and estimated to grow to €834 billion ($919 billion) by 2022. The group aims to capitalise on this booming market, and to meet the growing demand for natural health and wellbeing treatments and experiences.

Mark Hennebry, chairman of Ensana, commented: “We are custodians of some of Europe’s most powerful and historic natural resources and we’re harnessing them in new and increasingly innovative ways to enhance the health of our guests. Our ability to do this make us makes us totally unique and sets us apart as a highly experienced brand founded on decades of knowledge, which people can trust with their most precious commodity – their health.

“We are continually seeking to expand and seek new opportunities for the brand. We have already invested significantly in our existing spa hotels and over the coming years, we have plans to innovate and invest in numerous ways – creating inspiring new treatments, facilities and of course, jobs.”

Ensana boasts hundreds of naturally occurring and healing resources – including mineral spring waters, thermal waters, healing mud, peat, naturally occurring gases and more. For more than 200 years medical experts at the properties, which now sit within the Ensana group, have been “expertly harnessing the healing properties of these natural elements” to treat a wide range of health conditions relating to muscles, bones, organs, metabolism and skin. Today, the treatments assist guests who wish to enhance and protect their future wellbeing, as well as those seeking support for a variety of conditions – including those recovering from cancer, as well as others experiencing mobility, fertility or other health challenges.

Ensana also places significant focus on supporting guests to improve their daily health and fitness, in order to help safeguard against future health issues. The group’s Active Life offering provides a blend of fitness and rejuvenation activities that support this.

The portfolio of properties within Ensana is “deliberately broad”, and includes a wide range of historic properties including 5* Nove Lazne in Czech Republic’s famous Marianske Lazne spa town, which features historic Roman baths dating back to 1896.