Beata Aleksandrowicz, author, speaker and international specialist on massage has launched a new series of free educational e-books to support therapists, spa directors and managers.

Aleksandrowicz is the creator of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method which provides spas worldwide with advanced training in a modern concept of massage. With this new educational series of e-books, she aims to share her knowledge with spa and wellness practitioners around the world.

Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, the educational series will cover topics that delve into the practical delivery of massages and examine issues around burnout, staff engagement and ethics. From health, wellness, mind and massage, the series is intended to expand the industry’s understanding of wellbeing and how this applies in a spa business.

The series of free e-books will include:

How to prevent therapist burnout

How to support the emotional wellness of your team

The importance of sleep

The art of massage

The power of touch

How ethical is your spa?

Self-care and self-massage techniques